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Only Download the Client you have requested or else your VPN connection will NOT work

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Welcome to the Land Transport NZ Agent Services web site. From this site you may download the available VPN client installation files and instructions.
Click on the link at the left to begin the download process. You may download either the .exe or .zip file. For Windows 98 users download the “WIN98” file.

When prompted by your browser select the option to save the file to your PC.

Please download and read the User Guide for full instructions.

When the download is complete double click the file to begin the VPN Client installation.  The PC will reboot!

Each file is approximately 8 megabytes in size. Download times will vary depending on your connection type.

If you are upgrading or reinstalling the client software, the PC will first delete the old software, Reboot, Run the install a 2nd time, Reboot again.

If you are unable to connect to LTNZ after upgrading the software first try copying the .PCF file from the directory “C:\Program File\LTSA\Profiles” or “C:\Program File\LandTransport NZ\Profiles” to the directory “C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\profiles”

 The download areas are password protected. If you have not been given a username and password please contact the TRC helpdesk.


NZTA Application links (URLs)


WOFonLine (VPN)

Vindirect (VPN)

Landata Connect (VPN)






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